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Year Founded in 2010

CEO CEO: Yevgen Borodin

Headquarters HQ: United States

Explore the world of accessible online content with the Capti Chrome extension, designed to transform your reading and learning experience.

Leverage the Capti Chrome extension for an enhanced listening experience with documents, books, and web articles.

Capti offers a fresh approach to engaging with online content. It allows you to listen to web articles, adjust text for readability, and store materials in the Capti cloud. This multifunctional tool boosts productivity and makes reading more accessible and enjoyable. Capti is ideal for a wide array of users, including professionals, students, educators, seniors, and individuals with learning challenges.

Capti is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment for everyone, regardless of their learning needs. It accommodates a variety of disabilities including visual impairment, dyslexia, ADHD, and motor difficulties. With its availability on iOS, Capti ensures you can access your saved content on your mobile device, a boon for those constantly on the move.

The development of Capti has been supported by contributions from the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, and Department of Education.


  • A multi-license account for K-12 and Higher Ed.
  • Price scales down rapidly with more students
  • Purchase for a group of students or sitewide
  • Enjoy unlimited Teacher and Faculty licenses
  • PO and credit card purchases are accepted

PERSONAL USE Free with optional in-app purchases

  • Capti Personal is a single-user product for reading e-books, documents, and web pages on the go or at home, hands‑free or hands-on
  • Advanced features: Premium Plan subscription at $2.99 / month or $29.99 / year.
  • Premium Voices for online use at $5.99 / month or $29.99 / year subscription
  • Premium Voices for iOS starting from $1.99 for a one time purchase
  • OCR and dictation services: pay-per-use Capti Coins starting from $4.99

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