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Discover the convenience of learning Cantonese directly from your browser with a unique extension that acts as a Cantonese Popover Dictionary.

Enhance your Cantonese learning directly from your browser with this innovative extension that transforms it into a Cantonese Popover Dictionary. It’s designed to translate Cantonese (Traditional Chinese) into English and even offers text-to-speech capabilities to help you learn Cantonese pronunciation.

Key Features:

  • Instant translation: Double-click or highlight and hover over Traditional Chinese words to see their English meanings in a pop-up.
  • Audio pronunciation: Click the sound icon to hear the Cantonese pronunciation of the word.
  • Comprehensive language support: The extension not only shows Jyutping and Pinyin but also provides the Simplified Chinese version of the word.

Try CantoTranslate Text to Speech

This extension helps you learn Cantonese straight from your browser, by creating a Cantonese Popover Dictionary!