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Year Founded in 2016

CEO CEO: Aaron Kc Hsu, Evan DeGray and Derek Omori

Headquarters HQ: Utah

Elevate your live streaming experience with Blerp X Universal Extension, the ultimate tool for adding excitement and interactivity to your streams. Ideal for platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Kick, and more, Blerp offers a range of features from AI-powered Text-to-Speech and emotes to soundboards and channel points.

Enhance Your Live Streams with Blerp: Sound Alerts, Memes, GIFs, and More!

Blerp X Universal Extension is a dynamic tool designed to elevate live streaming experiences on platforms like Kick, YouTube, Twitch, and more. It brings a fun and interactive element to your streams with AI-powered Text-to-Speech (TTS), emotes, soundboards, and channel points.

Features for Viewers:

  • Access Blerp on streaming platforms like Twitch, Kick, Trovo, YouTube, and TikTok Live. Look for the Blerp icon in the chat panel.
  • Share and play a variety of sounds, including AI TTS voices, live on your favorite streamer’s channels.
  • Enhance sounds with attached emotes and GIFs, appearing directly over the stream.
  • Enjoy multi-language TTS support, covering over 50 languages.
  • Collect Channelpoints through the Chrome extension on supported streamer’s streams.
  • Earn special WalkOn Sounds that play when you join a streamer’s channel.

Features for Streamers:

  • Personalize and set up sounds at
  • Link the extension to your stream for custom outbound links and QR Codes for cross-platform use.
  • Assign WalkOn sounds for favorite viewers.
  • Control sound sharing with Blerp’s in-game Beets and Personal Channel Points.

Blerp ensures that sound sharing is compatible with any content creator across various live streaming platforms. It uses top meme soundboards for sharing sounds and creating memorable moments, both during and after streams. For any inquiries, Blerp’s support team is available on Discord.

With Blerp, elevate the sound experience on your streams, making them more engaging and entertaining for both streamers and viewers alike. Keep an eye out as Blerp continues to expand its support for new platforms regularly.

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Blerp sound alerts, memes, GIFs, AI TTS, emotes, soundboards, channel points for chat livestreams on Kick, YouTube, Twitch and more!