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Year Founded in 2016

CEO CEO: Renato Casutt

Headquarters HQ: Switzerland

Bionic Reading is a revolutionary reading enhancement tool from Switzerland, acclaimed as a game-changer by its users.

Bionic Reading from Switzerland is transforming the reading experience for many users, including Lisa, Tommy, and Kelly, who call it a “Life Changer,” “Game Changer,” and “Absolutely Mind-Blowing.” Available on various platforms, it offers free and premium versions:

  • Wide Platform Compatibility: Available for Apple iOS and macOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, and Web.
  • Versions Offered: Includes a free “Discover” version, and subscription-based “Premium” and “Premium Plus”.
  • New Features: Download as Word file, cross-platform reading continuity, and bookmarking favorite pages.
  • Revolutionary Approach: Highlights concise parts of words to quicken reading and comprehension.
  • Benefits for Users: Saves time, enhances learning, expands knowledge, improves skills, and offers a distraction-free reading experience.
  • Customizable Reading Mode: Adaptable to individual reader needs for maximum personalization.
  • Robust Features: Advanced settings, synced content, fixation options, customizable details, light and dark modes, file conversion, and special fonts.
  • Support for Reading Difficulties: Beneficial for over 15% of the population with ADHD, dyslexia, and other reading challenges.
  • User Testimonials: Positive feedback from users with ADHD and other reading difficulties.
  • Expertise in Typography: Over 25 years of experience in typography from Switzerland.
  • International Recognition: Winner of the German Innovation Award and German Design Award in 2023.

Bionic Reading is not just an app but a comprehensive reading tool designed to cater to a diverse range of users, enhancing their reading ability and comprehension significantly.

Company Custom

  • Our Gold award-winning reading method.

Premium Plus $8.25

  • Billed annually or $9.80 month-to-month.

Premium $1.95

  • Billed annually or $2.25 month-to-month.

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