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Year Founded in 2006

CEO CEO: Ilya Morozov

Headquarters HQ: United States

Balabolka is a comprehensive Text-To-Speech (TTS) application that brings written content to life. Utilizing the voices available on your system, it transforms on-screen text into audio files and offers an array of customization features for a tailored listening experience.

Balabolka is a versatile Text-To-Speech (TTS) application that utilizes all available computer voices on your system. It allows users to convert on-screen text into audio files and offers a range of features including reading clipboard contents, converting text from various documents, and personalizing the font and background color. Users can control the reading through system tray commands or global hotkeys. Balabolka is compatible with a wide array of text formats such as AZW, DOCX, EPUB, and many more.

Utilizing different versions of the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI), Balabolka lets users adjust the voice parameters like speed and pitch. It includes a unique substitution list feature to enhance voice articulation and allows for pronunciation adjustments using regular expressions syntax.

Furthermore, Balabolka can store synchronized text in external LRC files or directly within audio files as MP3 tags. This feature ensures that when an audio file is played on a computer or digital audio player, the text is displayed simultaneously, much like song lyrics.

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Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) program. All computer voices installed on your system are available to Balabolka.