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Year Founded in 2014

CEO CEO: Dave Cutler

Headquarters HQ: United States

Azure AI Speech is a comprehensive managed service offering advanced speech capabilities like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition.

Azure AI Speech This managed service delivers top-tier speech capabilities, including speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition.

Rapidly Craft High-Quality, Voice-Enabled Applications Efficiently create robust voice-enabled apps using the Speech SDK. Accurately transcribe speech, generate natural-sounding voices, translate spoken words, and identify speakers in real-time. Dive into Speech studio for a no-code experience and customize models specific to your application needs.

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Leading-Edge Quality Access cutting-edge speech-to-text, realistic text-to-speech, and top-rated speaker recognition technology.

Privacy and Compliance Your data remains confidential—speech inputs are never logged during processing.

Tailored Voices and Models Design custom voices, expand your vocabulary, or develop bespoke models.

Versatile Deployment Options Deploy Speech in the cloud or on-premises with containerization.

Speech to Text Conversion Efficiently transcribe audio in over 100 languages. Enhance customer insights, voice-assisted experiences, and document crucial conversations.

Empower Your Application with Voice Transform text into conversational speech. Create engaging audio content, enhance accessibility, and develop custom voice services.

Real-Time Speech Translation Translate audio in over 30 languages and tailor translations with your organization’s unique terminology.

Speaker Verification and Recognition Validate identities and discern speakers in conversations by integrating speaker verification and identification.

Activate Devices with Custom Keywords Set your brand apart with a custom keyword for IoT devices and voice assistants, enhancing personalization and security.

Voice Commands for Touchless Interactions Develop hands-free experiences to enhance safety and facilitate return-to-work scenarios.

Inherent Security and Compliance Benefit from Microsoft’s annual $1 billion cybersecurity investment and team of 3,500+ security experts.

Flexible, Usage-Based Pricing Only pay for what you use with no upfront costs. Pricing is based on audio hours transcribed or translated, characters converted to audio, and transactions for speaker recognition.

Commitment Tiers – Connected container $972.80 for 80M characters

  • Neural

Commitment Tiers – Azure - Standard $1,024 for 80M characters

  • Neural

Pay as You Go: pay only for what you use. $16 per 1M characters

  • Neural

Free $0 0.5 million characters free per month

  • Neural

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A managed service offering industry-leading speech capabilities such as speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition.