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Introducing AudioTTS, your gateway to effortlessly downloading audio from text-to-speech demos on platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM Watson.

Obtain audio from text-to-speech demos on Azure, Google, and IBM platforms.

After adding this extension, simply navigate to any supported platforms listed below to begin voice generation from text :

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google TTS
  • IBM Watson

Compatible browsers: This extension works with any browser that supports Chrome extensions, including Android, iOS, and Windows devices, through AudioTTS.

  • Want to effortlessly download audio from text-to-speech demos by Microsoft Azure, Google, or IBM Watson? AudioTTS, the user-friendly Chrome extension, simplifies this process!
  • Install AudioTTS and head to any supported demo page to start. Use the “Download” or “Speak” button to save your audio in MP3 or WAV format.
  • Encounter any issues? Our supportive team is ready to assist. Just visit the Support Tab for inquiries or feedback.
  • Discover the enhanced features of our paid version! Upgrade for additional functionalities that will elevate your experience. Try the paid version of AudioTTS today for an enriched browsing journey!

Try AudioTTS Text to Speech

Download audio from text to speech demo page of Azure, Google & IBM.