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CEO CEO: Kevin Reilly

This browser extension significantly enhances the accessibility of video content by adding text-to-speech audio descriptions.

This extension enriches video content with native text-to-speech audio descriptions, catering to users who benefit from auditory guidance. It’s designed to work with videos incorporating the ‘track’ element, adding a dropdown menu for users to activate audio description tracks. This feature enhances accessibility by pausing videos at designated cues, reading out the description, and then resuming playback.

The extension is also versatile, allowing users to customize their experience. Settings for adjusting the text-to-speech rate and pitch are included, giving users control over how they receive audio information. The extension’s focus on accessibility and user customization demonstrates a significant advancement in making digital media more inclusive. Future updates are anticipated to further enhance its functionality and expand its features.

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Adds support for native text-to-speech audio descriptions for videos.