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Discover the voice-enabled feature of ChatGPT with OpenAI's GPT-3 tool, offering a unique, hands-free interaction.

Interact with ChatGPT through a voice-enabled interface, where you can speak your queries and hear the AI’s responses. This innovative feature integrates advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies for smooth and efficient communication.

This voice functionality is exclusively available with OpenAI’s GPT-3 tool.

Key Features:

  1. Voice Input: Use your microphone to ask questions, facilitated by speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies.
  2. Audio Responses: ChatGPT’s replies are read aloud for your convenience.
  3. Customizable Voices: Choose from a variety of voices in the settings, with your preferences saved locally for future use without the need to reset.
  4. Easy Code Snippet Downloads: Effortlessly download code snippets provided by ChatGPT.

Try ASKGPT Text to Speech

Experience ChatGPT's voice-enabled interface by speaking into your microphone and listening to its responses.