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Year Founded in 2013

Experience a seamless and customizable reading journey with our advanced app, supporting a wide array of formats like fb2, epub, doc, and more, along with ZIP and GZ archives.

Supported reading formats include fb2, fbz, txt, epub, html, doc, docx, odt, rtf, mobi, prc (PalmDoc), tcr, as well as ZIP and GZ archives. Enjoy Text-To-Speech functionality and OPDS support. Customize the encoding for reading files, including 932, 936, 949, 950 code pages. Organize your local library by authors, series, title, publication year, and genre. Interface languages include Russian, English, German, Greek, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Chinese, and Polish. Compatible with various dictionaries like ColorDict3, GoldenDict, and more.

Edit fb2 and TXT files directly. If a file is within an archive, the edited version unpacks to the same directory as the original. Customize code pages for file names in zip and ensure correct hyphenation in 20 languages. Personalize your reading experience with four independent profiles for font, color, brightness, and text indent. Enjoy both one- and two-page modes, with automatic landscape switching. Configure display styles for various text elements and benefit from search, autoscroll, and page animation features.

Start chapters or paragraphs with an initial letter spanning one or two lines. Customize items in the status bar and footer for both windowed and full-screen mode. Access footnotes directly on the page for fb2 and most epub files. Align text horizontally and vertically on the screen, with options like hanging punctuation and sectioning from a new page.

Navigate through the text in multiple ways, access the table of contents in fb2, doc, and epub files, and utilize 9 tap-zones for various actions. E-Ink screen support is available, with specific adaptations for certain devices. Control screen rotation, enjoy 9.png skins, and have the option for a clock behind the text. Engage with quotes, bookmarks, text labeling, and the ability to send selected text to third-party programs. Create shortcuts for books on the home screen and save/restore program settings, styles, profiles, text styles, and more.

Maintain screen backlight for up to 20 minutes of inactivity, adjust various indentations, and collect anonymous statistics for a top-100 authors and books list available within the program. Synchronize your reading position across networks or file systems for a seamless reading experience.

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Program is designed for reading fiction book.