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CEO CEO: Ad Auris

Headquarters HQ: Canada

Ad Auris Play enhances your reading experience by converting online articles into podcast-like narrations.

Ad Auris Play is a tool that transforms articles into podcast-like narrations using advanced text-to-speech technology and professional editing. It allows you to:

  • Convert Articles: Instantly turn any article into a podcast narration, including content from major publications like The New York Times and The Atlantic.
  • Personal Playlist: Save narrations to a playlist for later listening, enhancing content consumption flexibility.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access your playlist on the go, ideal for multitasking or while traveling.
  • User Experience: Especially useful for those with numerous unread articles, turning reading time into listening opportunities.
  • Upcoming Features: Future updates include the ability to follow favorite publications.

Ad Auris Play opens up new possibilities for consuming written content, making it more accessible and convenient.

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Turn any article into a podcast. Listen to it right away or add to a playlist to return to later.