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Ability is an inclusive browser extension designed to make the internet more accessible for people with diverse abilities.

Ability is a versatile browser extension created to enhance the browsing experience for individuals with diverse abilities and needs. This extension offers an array of assistive features, catering to users with various challenges such as sensory sensitivities, dyslexia, epilepsy, visual and mobility impairments, and intellectual disabilities.

Key features include text-to-speech, speech-to-text, options to hide images, high contrast modes, image enlargement, autocomplete for text input, and the integration of dyslexia-friendly fonts. Designed with inclusivity in mind, Ability aims to make the web more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. The extension is continually evolving, with new features regularly added based on user needs and feedback. For insights into future updates, users can refer to the readme file for a preview of upcoming enhancements.

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Ability is a browser extension that helps people with varying degrees of ability have more control over their browsing experience.