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Year Founded in 2014

CEO CEO: Maria Tsiana

Headquarters HQ: Ireland

3asyR is a dynamic online tool designed to aid those with dyslexia or reading difficulties.

3asyR is an interactive online tool designed to assist people with dyslexia or reading difficulties. It enhances the online reading experience by offering features like underlining, highlighting in dyslexic-friendly colors, font adjustments, and text-to-speech capabilities. Users can easily download and activate 3asyR for free. Once enabled, it allows customization of reading settings, including enabling or disabling the tool on websites, choosing fonts and sizes, and selecting a voice for speech. The tool operates by transforming clicked paragraphs according to user settings and includes a feature to highlight text word by word.

3asyR’s user-friendly interface makes it an ideal tool for those looking to simplify their online reading process. It’s particularly useful for individuals seeking to improve focus and comprehension while reading digital content. The tool’s ability to customize the reading area, such as changing the font size to a comfortable range between 18-24, and selecting from 15 dyslexic-friendly highlight colors, greatly enhances readability. The text-to-speech feature, activated by clicking a speaker button over the marked text, provides an additional layer of support, especially beneficial for auditory learners or those who prefer listening to content.

Enterprise $7651 / year

  • 15 days trial included
  • Unlimited website's unique users/month
  • 21 Voices available
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Business $3279 / year

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Starter $765 / year

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